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Welcome to HR Pro Shop

The HR Pro Shop – serving the Fitness Industry


Finally, gym owners have a company who can assist them with the complexities of their unique workplace and all their Human Resources challenges! 

The HR Pro Shop is a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in the fitness industry. Our affordable products and services have been proven successful at one the largest gym chains in the world and our consultants are experienced in all facets of human resources, including the specific needs and challenges every gym owner faces. 

The HR Pro Shop has solutions tailored to meet the needs of the gym owner/operator including:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Compensation Plans
  • Employee Handbook
  • Department handbooks
  • Guidelines for effective recruiting
  • Interviewing guidelines/instruction for all levels of management
  • Policies and procedures for all departments


Also available!  Employee Background Screening and The Workplace Hotline®.   Do you know who you are hiring?  Are you doing the required due diligence expected from employers in today’s workplace?  Do you know what is really going on in your workplace? 

Employee Background Checks and The Workplace Hotline are invaluable tools in hiring only the best applicants and ensuring that your workplace is free of unwanted and potentially illegal behavior.

Contact us at info@hrproshop.com or 678-495-1600 and see how these services can help you protect your company!